Sarnia’s downtown core has undergone a fantastic transformation in recent years. Several existing businesses have been given a facelift. Great food can be found on both Christina St and Front St. The Sarnia Art Gallery and Imperial Theatre are two mainstays in the Downtown. A good mix of professional services, restaurants and specialty shops also drive traffic on a daily basis. “First Friday” every month is an always popular night out for live entertainment, demonstrations and free samples among most downtown businesses. Annual events such as Art Walk, and Santa Clause Parade see Sarnian’s pack the streets for some free entertainment.

Most Common Styles of Homes

Condos, Above Commercial space Apartments

All Residential
2015 2016 2017
Avg. Sale Price 292,322 305,786 281,825
Highest Sale Price 640,000 750,000 775,000
Lowest Sale Price 81,000 42,900 61,000
# of Homes Sold 9 7 16